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The sequel is currently being written by a community user:Solid_Snake1998. the sequel has not been given an exact release date, but is slated for a possible release before 2019. The sequel will revolve around G-MO’S disappearance and Rajadas supposed demise. DayZ Private Server by Pwnoz0r README.md Requirements Steam Copy of ArmA 2: Combined Operations Instance of a MySQL server (if you do not have one installed, follow steps below) Download the following Microsoft C++ Redistributables — make sure to get both x86 and x64 versions installed. Steam Leaderboards – challenge your friends to beat your best Firing Drill and Time Trial times. Cross browser compatibility These themes are tested across popular modern browsers, ensuring your visitors don’t run into any issues while browsing your forum. Facebook & Twitter Follow IPSFocus on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with new themes, bug fixes and coupons.

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