Freelance шаблон

This addendum to my original contract came about the hard way—after a client insisted, after completion of services, that they had wanted a copy-edit, despite that we had not agreed to that service. The freelance writing proposal template does the heavy lifting for you. It uses real-life examples you can incorporate in your own proposals or easily modify to suit your needs, saving you time to focus on other areas on your writing business. Кроме того, я рекомендую каждое действие сторон фиксировать актом или дополнительным соглашением в случае изменения или расширения условий. В дальнейшем это избавит от разногласий, а также поможет доказать сторонам правоту в случае судебной тяжбы. Your proposal – the first piece of content you deliver – is a great opportunity to give them a taste of that.

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